Was it really 30 years ago? Feels like another lifetime when I was at Glastonbury on seven seven seventy seven. I met a guy on that day who was having his 77th birthday. I guess he's probably not around any more.

There's a weird time gap though that my memory can't quite fill. I'm absolutely certain I was at Glastonbury that year, and that there was a free festival with a small pyramid stage. But if you look at various histories of Glastonbury there was no festival that year and the small gathering wasn't in Pilton on the Eavis farm. I was on a bicycle which means I was either banned from riding or my bikes were broken and that doesn't quite line up with my memories of the bikes I owned. So then I look at '78 and that's what I remember.

You know what. I think I can see my tent. A green ridge tent, far right.

But if that was '78, then where did the memory of meeting a 77 year old man on 7-7-77 come from?

It's tough when you can't make sense of your own history. Who do you turn to, to verify it?

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