Julian Bond
April 2002

Julian I. Bond
1 Trinity Road
SG12 7DB

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Tel (home): +44 (0)192 041 2433
Tel (mobile): +44 (0)775 907 2173
Email (home): julian_bond@voidstar.com
Skype: julian.bond
WWW (home): http://www.voidstar.com
Date Of Birth: 9-May-1956
Status: Married
Children: Son and Daughter, twins aged 18 years

Cambridge University, Trinity Hall, BA Engineering

Oundle School, Northamptonshire, UK
8 'O' Levels
5 'A' Levels (Maths: Combined, Pure and Applied, Physics and Chemistry)

Skills and Technical Experience:

With 25 years in the IT industry and 20 in startup companies as a "hands on" Technical Manager, I have been involved in almost every aspect of developing and releasing commercial software packages and in the last 8 years, web sites. This has meant playing many roles and using a wide range of software.

Current technology interests centre on user generated content, Web APIs (Web 2.0) and decentralised P2P.

Since 2002, I have been the sole technical person in Ecademy, a business networking site in the UK.

Between 1998 and 2002, I was involved in two projects in the Business to Business (B2B) sphere and have built a reputation both as a practitioner and commentator on the B2B industry. This has involved facilitating brainstorming meetings, writing white papers and reports, research into technical B2B issues, editing a B2B newsletter and speaking at industry events.

Key technical experience includes:-


  • Senior technical and IT strategy management to board level (as CTO).
  • Project, development and product management
  • High level application, screen, GUI, database and web design
  • Content production, management and technical authoring
  • QA, testing and customer support
  • Pre and post-sales technical support

Tools and Languages Used

Extensive technical experience involving "hands-on" use both as a manager and as a programmer.

  • Web environments: Linux, Solaris, BSD Unix, Apache, IIS, Dreamweaver, Robohelp
  • RDBMS: MySQL, (Limited) Oracle and MS SQL Server
  • Languages: PHP, Delphi, Perl, C++
Example Web Sites:
  • http://www.ecademy.com A heavily extended version of Drupal supporting a large social and business networking community.
  • http://www.voidstar.com A weblog, publishing, personal portal system. Used daily to track Industry news and comment on it. Also used to publish essays and commentary I have written. It is written in PHP on MySQL, Apache and Linux. It is based on GPL code from an early copy of "Drupal" but with many enhancements.
  • http://www.voidstar.com/ukpoliblog An RSS aggregator racking UK political blogs and news sites.
Work Experience:  
December 2001 to date

Ecademy Ltd. http://www.ecademy.com is a business networking organization.
CTO Responsible for all technical aspects of Ecademy including building and maintaining the website.

Ecademy had been running for three years when I persuaded them to allow me to revamp their website. I worked on contract for them until January 2004 when I became a full employee.

I am completely responsible for the website and have written 2/3 of the code working from a Drupal base.

The site has now been migrated across 3 hosting providers. I set up the current hosting environment of a cluster of 4 machines all running Redhat Linux. This includes a postfix and spamassassin email server.

October 2000 to June 2001

Netmarkets Europe Ltd. http://www.netmarketseurope.com is a portal for the European B2B e-commerce industry.
CTO Responsible for all technical strategy and support; Editor of their email newsletter ROI; Workshop facilitator

I joined NME when e-Exchange folded, as the 5th employee. As CTO in a small business, I was responsible for day-to-day internal IT support as well as building and managing their online presence and online marketing. For 6 months, I edited and published an online newsletter (http://www.netmarketseurope.com/roi/) including writing 500 words each week on some topic in B2B. I built the current website including collating and producing most of the content. I managed three mailing lists on Yahoogroups. I was responsible for maintaining and developing the internal database of contacts and using this for online marketing.

In the offline world, NME ran workshops on B2B topics. I frequently acted as either Facilitator or Stimulus Presenter at these. This involved writing up the results of their workshops and events and collating these into white papers on aspects of the B2B industry. I represented NME at industry events speaking both on panels and as a conference speaker.

In a research role, I have closely followed technical B2B issues and in particular the increasing role of decentralization or peer to peer techniques in the industry as well as the UDDI, SOAP and WSDL web services efforts. I am a frequent poster on various mailing lists devoted to these subjects. I ran a workshop and spoke about P2P issues in B2B at a NetmarketMakers event in Los Angeles in Dec 2000.

January 1999 to October 2000

e-Exchange Ltd. A "Dotcom" startup producing a global net market for PC products.
VP Research and Technology, Responsible for overall technical strategy

e-Exchange was formed in October 1998. I was the first technical employee and spent two months understanding and defining the vision that had been developed by the founders. Over the next six months, I was actively involved with turning this vision into reality using Broadvision. This included producing a series of complete static web sites and working with a US System Integrator (Xcelerate, www.xcelerate.com.) This resulted in the site going live in October '99. During early 2000, I worked closely with Accenture and ThePartners to produce a version 2 of the site. In the last months of the business I built a prototype of a Version 3 using Apache, PHP and MySQL.

As the company grew, I stepped back from direct involvement in the web site development and concentrated on analysing, identifying and defining the overall technical strategy. I also acted as "Technical Evangelist" talking to investors, analysts, and journalists and on CNBC.

During this time I was active in the NetMarketMakers community both in London and in the USA and was responsible for starting NetMarkets London, an informal gathering for professionals in the industry. I spoke on the panel at events organized by both NetMarketMakers and First Tuesday.

In October 2000, e-Exchange was wound up as a result of being unable to secure further funding.

1989 to December 1997

WorkGroup Systems Ltd
Datawatch Corporation
Palms Technology (UK) Ltd.

Co-Founder and CTO of WorkGroup Systems. Responsible for product design and development along with all technical aspects of the business.

WorkGroup Systems was an independent software developer of a desktop and LAN based help desk product. We took this from xBase to C++ Windows to Client Server and web with Oracle and MS SQL Server. I was responsible for all aspects of the design. As a small business this involved significant "hands-on" work both on the product and associated documentation. WGS was sold to it's North American distributor Datawatch, which subsequently outsourced it's development to Palms Technology. I worked with Palms in Boston for 6 months on a further development of the product, before finally leaving the group.


Merrill Lynch
Assistant Manager, Office Systems.

Installed and supported 1000 PCs. Designed, installed and supported a 2000 outlet Token Ring network using IBM hardware and software throughout. This occurred during a major building move and involved close liaison with all the communications groups within Merrill Lynch, in particular the mainframe and global data comms groups.

I left Merrill Lynch with a group of others to help start Astec Business Systems, a company aimed at producing back office systems for the financial markets. Part of this subsequently became WorkGroup Systems.

Personal Experience:

My key obsession outside work is motorcycling. This has led me to running two mailing lists devoted to an obscure branch of motorcycles known as Feet Forwards and also one on motorcycle engine design. I follow motorcycle racing, but do not take part.

As a committed technophile, I have been online since the late 80s and remain fascinated by computer technology. (even outside work)

Over the years I have travelled extensively around the world both for work and personally, This has included travelling overland to India, frequent trips to the USA (New York, Boston, San Francisco, Florida), Australia and Singapore.