I've been thinking about Twitter utility sites now I'm using Twitterfeed a lot. One fascinating thing about Twitterfeed is that they have no register process. They use OpenID to create and later, log into an account.

Somebody at Chinwag last night said text didn't convey emotion well enough and he wanted to say "I'm feeling xxxx: Picture". Like, "I'm feeling Existential Angst: Picture"

So we came up with this plan for a site with no signup but using OpenID.
Give it your Twitter Login.
Choose from a multiple choice of emotions (including Other).
Use that as a keyword search into Flickr Tags.
Choose a picture that expresses your emotion.
The service then turns the picture URL into a tinyurl,
and posts "I'm feeling Existential Angst. http://tinyurl/ushwsb" to Twitter.

With Skype's new Rich Mood, you could do the same thing but actually include a thumbnail of the flickr picture in your mood.

This approach of bolting utility onto Twitter with a service site has other possibilities. Particularly Location.

No signup site using OpenID.
Give it your Twitter Login.
Choose a location on an embedded Google map
Give the location a name.
Offer up previous locations you've used as a shortcut.
Create and post a Twitter tweet "L:lat,long I'm at LocationName"

Now you've used Dave Troy's Twittervision convention and quickly and easily posted to Twitter using it. And there's obvious potential here for aggregating everyone's places (like Plazes) and for aggregating more location data as more people use it.

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