An experiment in trying to understand Internet Communications on the basis of how many authors there are and how many readers

Authors Many Many to One
YahooAnswers, Linkedin Answers
Many to Few
Listings, Blogroll Aggregators
Craigslist, MyBlogLog
Many to Many
Blog Aggregators, Advertising
Technorati, Adsense
Few Few to One
Reading Friends' Status, RSS Reader
Twitterific, Newsgator
Few to Few
Mailing lists, IRC, Group Chat, Closed Discussion forums
Mailman, Skype Public chats
Few to Many
Blog Comments, Group Blogs, Open Discussion forums, Magazines
phpBB, Drupal, WeblogsInc
One One to One
Phone, IM, Private messaging
Skype, AIM, Facebook
One to Few
Status to Friends
Twitter, Facebook
One to Many
Blogs, Public Status, AboutMe Pages
Blogger, Twitter, Myspace
One Few Many

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