About Voidstar - Julian Bond

Voidstar.com is a placeholder which allows me to have a fairly permanent identity on the net.

The word "voidstar" comes from C++ "void*". Very roughly translated into English it means "A pointer to nothing".

Here's some key links to things I've done or am doing:-

Email julian.bond@voidstar.com Actually, anything @voidstar.com will reach me. and most of the variations on julian, julian.bond etc
Mobile Phone +44 (0)77 5907 2173 I'm fairly good at keeping this on.
CV/Resume http://www.voidstar.com/cv/ This is the formal one. I may well do an informal one shortly. Did I mention that I need a job?
Current Blog http://www.voidstar.com/ This is built with an old and much hacked version of Drupal
BikeWeb http://www.bikeweb.com A Community News site for Motorcycles in the style of Slashdot. This went live July 1 2001
The BFF http://www.voidstar.com/bff/ A hobby site built a long time ago about Feet Forwards (recumbent) motorcycles and some assorted weirdness to do with scooters, motorcycles and stuff.
MC-Engine List http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mc-engine A Mailing list for Motorcycle Engine design. I've been running this since 2000
Feet Forwards list http://groups.yahoo.com/group/feet_forward A Mailing list for Feet Forward Motorcycle design. I've been running this one since 1995