I don't mind having multiple Status Services. But I want one Service to rule them all. So:-

- Aggregate them all in one place (RSS+Twitterfeed mostly does this). But not all services have an RSS feed of my friend's posts.

- Post to one, posts to all. Requires that they all have an API and somebody does a Twitterfeed like service for each one, and they all have RSS out for just my posts. Several of the systems don't have this RSS.

- Aggregate and/or find my friends on each new service. This one's hard. We don't have universal Nicks or a universal ID translator. And most of the services don't have an API for exporting lists of friends. And we don't have a good common format for lists of friends. But without this we're condemned to the "You Are My Friend Y/N?" feeding frenzy on each new service as we try and find all the same people. And just to make this harder and amazingly almost none of them actually have a Search People function.

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