Oh good grief!

BBC NEWS | England | Hereford/Worcs | Two cautioned over wi-fi 'theft' : Two cautioned over wi-fi 'theft'
Two people have been cautioned for using people's wi-fi broadband internet connections without permission.

Neighbours in Redditch, Worcestershire, contacted police on Saturday after seeing a man inside a car using a laptop while parked outside a house.

I thought this sort of madness only happened in the USA.

Personally I want to live in a world where everyone leaves their WiFi open and you can find a Linksys Community Network available on any street corner.

Right now I have the house Wifi open with an SSID of [Streetaddrress]-Public. I guess I'd better rethink that. Meanwhile I can see 4 other fully open WiFi routers if I lean out the window a bit.

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