A comment caught my eye in the middle of this rant : "I've been looking for a good verb to describe losing all of your music to DRM because it's increasingly common and I think I have one: zune."

What about the iPod? Shouldn't we be worrying about that instead?

iPod doesn't seem to work as a verb. My music has all been ipodded. has the wrong sense.

How about Gah, the iPod ate all my music. Or Sigh, my iPod broke and I lost all my music. Or I plugged my iPod into someone else's computer and now all my music has gone.

I still can't find out how you are supposed to get usic off your computer and into the Zune. It apparently doesn't use or support PlaysForSure. But does it still use MTP? We're just beginning to get 3rd party support for MTP in things like Winamp and for those of us who are non-Ipod people stuck with a PFS/MTP player, it would be a shame if Microsoft ditched it completely. I guess this probably involves WMP v11 but we're already hearing about issues with WMP11 refusing to do firmware uploads on PFS hardware.

All this stuff must be seriously pissing off people like Creative, Toshiba and Samsung. They thought Microsoft would help them write the software and provide something to challenge iTMS. INstead they've been screwed. However there is a solution for them that is good for the consumer. They should turn their backs on DRM and build a machine with plain old USB mass storage and specifically designed to run Rockbox. And then give a 10th of the money they would have spent on Microsoft licenses to fund the Rockbox team.

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