Plastic: Why Is Our Universe Just Right? is the classic problem of why our universe seems to be perfectly poised with every fundamental constant just right for the universe to be the way it is and so for us to appear to see it.

But this is what really happened.

God was lonely and had nobody to talk to. She tried creating somebody but as she was all knowing, all powerful and everywhere, the creation was part of her so she was just talking to herself. And she could do that without all that creation nonsense.

So she cleared a space where she wasn't. An empty void. Then she broke off a tiny piece of herself and dropped it into the void where she wasn't. There was a small bang but it fizzled out and nothing came of it. She tried again and again, tweaking the initial conditions an unimaginable number of times for aeons and aeons, until finally there was a Big Bang and our universe came into existence.

Now at last, God had a chance of somebody appearing to talk to. She just had to wait and wait for a thing to appear in the universe that could reach out and talk back across the space she had cleared in herself.

So there you have it. The universe is the way it is because God kept trying until it turned out just this way. And it's screwed up because she's not here. And our challenge is to contact and talk to her through the void and to give her some company. And if that doesn't happen, she'll just try again with another set of initial conditions until it does.

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