Dave W had an entry yesterday about BT and needs.

We need some BT help on the publishing end. Blog software has got quite good at one click publishing of rich media files and then automatically adding them to the RSS/Atom feeds. We need to make BitTorrent publishing as easy and simple. There's work to be done here to integrate the sort of approach at http://www.blogtorrent.com/ into mainstream blog software. Critical, I think, is to:-

- Hide the complexity of creating the torrent
- Having the web end be a BT client and automatically seed so there's always a full seed available
- Having the client end stay online and guarantee 100% sharing from everyone who downloads.

Wordpress developers! Are you listening? How about Drupal?

BTW. Did we solve the problem of constructing a podcast feed that contains both plain and BT enclosures of the same file?

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