Skype Journal: Two phreaks experiment with Skype contact integration :

Skype is relatively immune from SPIM because a lot of Skype users have their privacy settings set to only receive chat and voice from people in their contact list.

I was asked to do a Skype API program to blast the same message to all of a person's contacts. It's quite easy to do and I did a proof of concept that takes a message from a form sends it and then closes each message window that pops up. you can then deal with the multiple popping windows as people reply at your leisure. But I didn't give it to the person who asked because I didn't want to be on the receiving end.

Apart from scouring the web for addresses, the other approach is to build an API prog that people want to use (like say put winamp listening to into your mood). And then report their contact's profiles up to a database. This is getting close to a viral technique for gathering profile data. It's not necessarily evil but it's pushing the boundaries.

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