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How do I promote my RSS feed?
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If you don't let people know that you create RSS, you can't expect them to read it. Websites should create an information page, about syndicating their headlines. This will make existing users aware that the website has an RSS file so they can add it to their news reading applications or even include it on their own websites. You should provide an obvious link to this on your home page (in the footer say).

One standard that was created by UserLand and is being used increasingly is to include this image somewhere on your site and link it to the RSS XML for that page. Feel free to copy the image and use it yourself.

This information page will be indexed by regular search engines and can also be submitted to various niche directories, eg:

  • My.Userland.Com An Aggregator.
  • NewsIsFree.com An Aggregator.
  • Syndic8 The Syndic8 project is maintaining a directory of RSS feeds.
  • XMLTree.com A Directory
  • Newsfeeds A blog that specializes in promoting new feeds. Linked to the "Headline Viewer" RSS Reader.

  • 4FreeContent
  • FindSticky
  • FreeSticky
  • Purple Pages
  • WooDoggy

    These websites also aggregate headline content commercially and distribute it. They may be interested in your feed if it's appropriate, although you may have to pay them.:
  • LinkYourNews.com
  • MagPortal.com
  • Moreover.com
  • NewsNow.co.uk
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