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Why should I produce it?
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Syndicating headlines is an excellent and cost-effective way of driving traffic to, and increasing brand awareness of, any website that publishes new content regularly.

Once a website produces an RSS file, they are enabling others to syndicate their headlines, without any further work on their part.

The main benefits of creating an RSS file:

  • RSS content can be included in customisable online news portals that aggregate RSS headlines like My.Userland.Com.

  • Websites that display news headlines can use an RSS file to incorporate another websites headlines into their own.

  • RSS content can be added to personal desktop news reading applications like Headline Viewer or Radio Userland.

  • Email newsletter providers could allow users to subscribe to RSS channels. XML.com and XMLTree.com previously offered such a service called Newsboy.

    One positive side effect of producing an RSS file is that it can also be used by headline aggregation services like Moreover.com, who power news portals, specialist news search engines, business intelligence services or provide newsfeeds to websites. Most such companies use crawler-based technologies to aggregate and do not insist upon content being available in RSS, however they do have some requirements which having an RSS file addresses, sparing the need for any work on the part of a website that already publishes its headlines in RSS.

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