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How can I produce it?
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  • BlogifyYourPage, makes it easy to produce an RSS 1.0 file for any page.
  • RSSify your web page, produce an RSS 0.92 file for any page.
  • RSS Channel Editor is a simple Perl CGI script that makes it easy to maintain an RSS channel. It can be used online at Webreference and you can also download the source.

    RSS Tutorials - The Basics:
  • A step-by-step guide to building an RSS 1.0 document from the O'Reilly Network.
  • An easy to understand introduction to RSS 0.91 from About.com.
  • A comprehensive guide to creating RSS 0.91 files from Webreference.

    RSS Tutorials - Generating RSS:
  • Active Server Pages (ASP) An article explaining how RSS files can be generated using ASP.
  • Perl Jonathan Eisenzopf explains how his XML::RSS module can be used to create an RSS file.
  • PHP phpChannel, a set of two PHP class files to write rss files. RSS Tools

  • http://rssxpress.ukoln.ac.uk/
  • http://aggregator.userland.com/validator
  • http://soapclient.com/rss/rss.html

    RSS Examples:
  • Newsfeeds reviews sources of RSS files, good examples and ideas you can use in putting together your own feed.
  • OurFavoriteSongs.Com is a source of popular syndicated files, the top picks of Radio Userland users.

    Miscellaneous tools
  • ASPrss. Sample code and tutorial on producing RSS from an MS ASP driven web site.
  • Squish An SQL-like RDF query language. RSS is used as a demo application to show its uses.
  • Squishdot RSS Support A DTML method file for Zope-based Squishdot to allow it to produce RSS files.
  • mod_index_rss An Apache module to display directories as RSS feeds.

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