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Other FAQs
  • Aaron's RSS site An excellent collection of links and detail.
  • Alis Marsden. RSS FAQ site

  • O'Reilly DevCenter RSS - Articles about RSS from the O'Reilly Network.
  • RSS Info - News and information on the RSS format
  • RSS Why?s - A site that aims to objectively and concisely explore all the points surrounding the creation, maintenance, and history of RSS.
  • WebReference RSS Articles - A collection of RSS articles and resources from Webreference.
  • Internet Alchemy the home of OCS.

    Discussion lists
  • YahooGroups Syndication List The main meeting place for developers.
  • YahooGroups ReallySimpleSyndication List A Userland initiative to create an 0.93 spec.
  • YahooGroups RSS 1.0 development List The RSS 1.0 RDF development group.

    Search Engines
  • RSS 1.0 at DMOZ
  • My Netscape at DMOZ

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