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1961 Chubby Checker - Let's Twist Again. I was a mean twister at 5. And won a prize for it.

1966 Hendrix - Hey Joe. Beatles - Revolver. The moment music changed and would never be the same again. Watching Top of the Pops with your mum and wondering what just happened.

1971 Hawkwind - In Search of Space. I had no idea what this was about but I remember the joss sticks and candles. Genesis - Nursery Cryme. Saw them live. At School. On the album launch tour.

1976 Frank Zappa - Zoot Allures. He stopped being silly for a moment, shut up and just played his guitar. Live at Hammersmith Odeon

1981 BowWowWow - See Jungle! See Jungle! Go Join Your Gang Yeah, City All Over! Go Ape Crazy! Music was so decadent that year. But this and Adam and the Ants was a breath of fresh air.

1986 Big Audio Dynamite - No. 10, Upping St. Samples of old Clint Eastwood movies

1991 Massive Attack - Blue Lines. Soundtrack to the whole decade, pretty much.

1996 Underworld - Second Toughest in the Infants. Goa Trance was also happening but I kind of missed that. Mars! Needs! Women!

2001 Atmosphere - Lucy Ford. Blunted rap as a soundtrack to ExtremeSports skateboard videos.

2006 Burial - Burial. Pinch - Qawwali. The year that Dubstep surfaced into the mainstream.

2011 Holy Other - Touch. So much club/bass music. WitchHouse and TriangleCore was a diverting backwater. And then there was getting emotional to James Blake - Wilhelms Scream

2016 Aries - You Make Me Wanna. The exact moment when LoFi house jumped the shark. I 'kin love this shit. Is this a golden age or what?
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The soundtrack to my life in 5 year chunks starting in 1961 We've got five years, what a surprise Five years, stuck on my eyes We've got five years my brain ...

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To my American friends. If the Madness of King Donald III gets too much and you feel you're being taxed without representation, you're very welcome to rejoin the colonies as we leave Europe.


Ware SG12, UK
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2016 - Music of the year - List of Lists

Lots of good stuff in here and it's not all Kanye West, David Bowie and Solange. If you only look at a couple, check out White Noise - Albums and Tracks.

--- Top DJs Top Live Acts Top Albums Top Labels WNM Best Tracks 2016
 Best Tracks of 2016 - White Noise »
We've picked out the top tracks from 2016, from classic club killers to experimental, ambient and disco fire. Check the list or our handy Youtube roundup.

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Here’s The Thing With Ad Blocker detection code.

I get it: Ads aren’t what I'm here for. But ads help the site keep the lights on. So, I've added your site to my ad blocker’s whitelist.

So why are you still showing me the adblocker warning message and preventing me from reading your content?

Could it be because I've got doubleclick in my /etc/hosts file pointing at localhost because I don't particularly want doubleclick and google tracking everything I do, everywhere on the web. Can't your adblocker detection code tell the difference?

Oh well. That's another site I'll try and remember not to click through to.

So what do the common adblocker detection libraries actually look for?
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UK Gov transport just got pwned again by a bunch of graphic designers doing a Banksy.

"Are they wearing a big coat to hide something?"
"See It, Say It, Sorted"

I think what you have is a bunch of middle management on both sides (gov and agency) going through the motions. Employing designers who can't resist making it just slightly tongue in cheek. After a bunch of meetings involving powerpoint and chocolate biscuits, somebody who doesn't really know what they're doing signs off on it. The next thing you know, the marketing department have organised a photo opportunity for a Minister, A Senior Policeman and a Senior Railway executive to launch the campaign.

Meanwhile, the designer is in a trendy bar, eating sliders, laughing to his friends about his latest ridiculous commission. And his bosses treat themselves to a board meeting in the OXO tower to celebrate how much money they made out of the campaign.

This modern world, eh!

Reminds me of TFL's "Secure beneath the watchful eyes" campaign and the "Don't rely on others, if you suspect it report it" anti-terrorist posters of a couple of years ago. "Suspicious activity can include: Someone noticeably behaving differently for no obvious reason".

Who are you looking at?

Handyman, Pest controller, Derek "Del Boy" Trotter? Report him. He's probably up to no good.

Hawkwind had it right. "Think only of yourself".

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I've got one of these frame locks, am happy with it and now I want to buy another one (UK). But I'm drawing a blank from all the usual sources, like Amazon, eBay, Evans, etc. I'm even having trouble sourcing one from Germany/France.

It must be the LH NKR variant that is screw mounted and allows the key to be removed. I'd prefer black but would accept black-silver.
 ABUS Bicycle Lock 4850 LH/SP (NKR), 8.5 mm, Black: : Sports & Outdoors »
Buy ABUS Bicycle Lock 4850 LH/SP (NKR), 8.5 mm, Black at Amazon UK. Free delivery on eligible orders.

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Farr is a boutique electronic dance festival on July 13-14-15. Near Baldock on the A1, 30 miles north of London. Think 3 nights of clubbing rather than a "festival" festival with some well known House and Techno names.

I've got access again to a limited number of tickets at the "Super Early Bird" price of £75+£6 instead of the regular £90. Available at the link below.

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Don't eat the seed corn.

We're going to need all the fossil fuel that's left to create a world where we don't need it any more.

 The Sower's Way: some comments »
Image: sower by Vincent Van Gogh The publication of the paper "The Sower's way: Quantifying the Narrowing Net-Energy Pathways to a Global Energy Transition" by Sgouridis, Csala, and Bardi, has generated some debate on the "Ca...

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