UK Gov transport just got pwned again by a bunch of graphic designers doing a Banksy.

"Are they wearing a big coat to hide something?"
"See It, Say It, Sorted"

I think what you have is a bunch of middle management on both sides (gov and agency) going through the motions. Employing designers who can't resist making it just slightly tongue in cheek. After a bunch of meetings involving powerpoint and chocolate biscuits, somebody who doesn't really know what they're doing signs off on it. The next thing you know, the marketing department have organised a photo opportunity for a Minister, A Senior Policeman and a Senior Railway executive to launch the campaign.

Meanwhile, the designer is in a trendy bar, eating sliders, laughing to his friends about his latest ridiculous commission. And his bosses treat themselves to a board meeting in the OXO tower to celebrate how much money they made out of the campaign.

This modern world, eh!

Reminds me of TFL's "Secure beneath the watchful eyes" campaign and the "Don't rely on others, if you suspect it report it" anti-terrorist posters of a couple of years ago. "Suspicious activity can include: Someone noticeably behaving differently for no obvious reason".

Who are you looking at?

Handyman, Pest controller, Derek "Del Boy" Trotter? Report him. He's probably up to no good.

Hawkwind had it right. "Think only of yourself".

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