Dave Winer's Scripting News Weblog : Julian Bond's Celebrity Blogmatch. I'm not sure how it works, but if I say something about weblogs here, I guess it shows up over there. Is it based on RSS? Julian says not yet, but sooon. Can his server handle the flow? Will his page rise to the top of Daypop? What do the opinions of two bloggers matter in this crazy world we live in? And will the wienerboys show up? So many questions. BTW, the correct motto is "It's even worse than it appears

It's not quite like that. Blogmatch is a stand alone system. I had to do this because not every celebrity blogger generates RSS or can create a blog just for the match. I do create RSS from the words that get written. It's a shame, because the bloggers will have to use my tool. But it is a full function blogging environment. Behind it I've now got the administration to control it and setup new blogmatches. I can create a blog match that is in "planning" which is a sandbox for the participants to play in. Just before it goes live we clear it out and begin.

Can the server handle the flow? Probably not. Let's see. I fully expect it to crash if it gets slashdotted.

Will I get to the top of Daypop? Very possibly.

The concept is like this.
  • Run weekly blog matches.
  • Get two ego-driven bloggers to compete.
  • Get two noisy, sarcastic commentators to discuss progress
  • Let the audience vote on who's winning and shout from the sidelines.

    And that's it. But then Dave's RSS query suggests an alternative way of doing it. Clearly I'm going to have to go away and write version two...

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