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As usual, The Quietus win the prize for the gratuitously obscure, obscurely gratuitous and downright frightening noise. Gazelle Twin ‎– Pastoral is their #1 pick. I can recommend "Better In My Day". Scary, but brilliant.

Of the main blogs, I'm particularly fond of Headphone Commute's approach broken down into 10 categories posted on successive days. Music For The Film Behind Closed Eyelids, Music For Bending Light And Stopping Time, Music For Crawling Through Abandoned Cities, and so on.

Some artists that need a special mention
Black Josh - Yung Sweg Lawd
Demuja - Loads of it. All good
DJ Ciderman - Disco for lonely heart
DJRum - Portrait with Firewood
Harrison BDP - More loads of it!
Galcher Lustwerk - 200% Galcher
Grant - 003, 004, 005, Theory of Movement
Jon Hopkins - Singularity
Kawuku Sound - Kawuku Sound
Kruangbin - Con Todo El Mundo
Ludwig A.F. Röhrscheid - Velocity, Exhale
Project Pablo - Come To Canada You Will Like It
Ross from Friends - Family Portrait
Skee Mask - Compro
Yadava - It rains here

Memorable gigs
Banoffee Pies, Hackney and Farr Festival
Galcher Lustwerk, Farr Festival
Baltra + Demuja, Jazz cafe
Bradley Zero b2b Hidden Spheres, Five Miles.
DJ Python, Cambridge

Honourable mentions for hard work
Baltra, Demuja, Banoffee Pies, Bradley Zero for living on the road
Lobster Records for distribution services to the LoFi community
Demuja, Grant, Harrison BDP for producing large quantities of quality music

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