IoT is normally thought of as things like internet connected thermostats. but:-

- Mobile phones, tablets, PCs with webcams, anything with a mic that might respond to "Hello Google"
- Cable modems and Routers. Especially ones owned by the cable company and locked.
- Home NAS. With built in bittorrent clients
- Broadband connected Tivo
- Smart TVs
- TV connected Chromecast, Fire, AppleTV, etc

Edward Morbius originally shared this post:
Our smart devices are gathering information about us.

...We are a group of researchers at Princeton University. We analyze different IoT devices in the Smart House and examine security/privacy problems.

Help our research! Tell us what IoT devices you currently have and what devices you are interested in buying. We will try to purchase the most popular devices, analyze them, and publish any issues that we find....

Contact & registration at link.

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