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One of the curious things about writing stuff is the way it sometimes decides that you aren't entirely in charge. Characters add themselves without invite or what was intended to be one thing turns in other ways.

I was trying to write something about the rising disillusionment with the state and the 1%, but the words decided they wanted to be a good deal nastier

The sit and do their plotting
And they don't give a damn
You are part of the problem
If you aren't part of the plan
They really don't like it
If you stick it the man
But they've got ways to make
You vanish when they can

It's a dark country
And we're sharpening the blades
To test on politicians
Billionaires and aides
It's a dark country
It's a dark country

As the rulers climb the mountain
They think they're atlas shrugged
But money aint invention
And they won't do too good
When we knock down their empire
And take back all we should
When we tear up the system
Well it's time they understood

It's a dark country
And revolution stalks
Starting with the ballot box
And fighting in the courts
It's a dark country
It's a dark country

You can push the people so far
You can lie to them like dogs
But there comes a day they'll
stick a spanner in the cogs
When the machine grinds to a halt
And the dollars cease to print
Remember those you treat like shit
Were the ones to load the ink

It's a dark country
And the knives are coming out
If we can't beat you through the system
We'll beat you from without
It's a dark country
It's a dark country

So as you take away the healthcare
As the schools fall down and bust
As you swap wages for zero hours
As the libraries fall to dust
When the army don't give a damn
When the police have had enough
Everyone you stamped on is ready
To take you down with us

It's a dark country
Don't think that you can hide
One day we're going to get you
And you won't enjoy the ride
It's a dark country
It's a dark country

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