Sample Eno, Mall Muzak and 70s-90s disco. Mix it up, and glitch it out using 2nd decade, 21st century music tools. Give it a faintly ridiculous genre tag of Vaporwave and before it's even barely a thing, spin out Broporwave, Post-Vaporwave, Proto-Vaporwave and of course triangle symbols and made up Japanese words. Rip unmercifully into any journalist who attempts to document all this, especially if they try to take a post-modern stance and viewpoint on it.

Then play it back loud on (fake) "Beats by Dr Dre" headphones while walking through Westfield in Stratford and looking over the wasteland that is the Olympic Park, Crossrail tunnel development and (artfully graffitti-ed) Hackney Wick light-industrial business parks; on your way to a canal side, craft brewery/pizzeria; while wearing silly trousers.

No change... Is sexy!
dʳᶤᵖ⁻₁₃₃ - and then so clear

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