If you liked that, then you will love this. Nothing need ever change.

No Change Is Sexy. We fear change. Change is just a misnomer promoted by Californians with strange haircuts and symmetrical teeth. no change is sexy - Jah Wobble's Invaders Of The Heart

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"They are like 18th century squires who ride out on the estate and go on the hovels where their fans live and tell them everything must stay the same. The modern version of "you should know your place". They've gone back to an old cultural music - some of which was very radical and a way of challenging power in the world - stripped it of any meaning, and reworked it into this nostalgic thing and put it together with stadium amplification. I can't bear it, it makes me cry."

"It's extreme music which is kind of entertaining but it doesn't tell you a story. It's a mood, and to be rude it's a zombie mood. Things like this are the remnants of the old music carrying on in a kind of zombie-like exaggerated way. It's stuck, it's not going anywhere."



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