One of the stories we were being told during and after the Tottenham riots was that Blackberry BBM was secure and controlling the riots was harder because this was the comms tool of choice for the gangs and rioters. How does that square with this story; So GCHQ can intercept BBM, but the Police can't?

Meanwhile, Apple claim that iMessage and FaceTime services are encrypted from end-to-end. ( Yes. Well. That's what Skype said. Originally we believed them. Now I'm not so sure. Perhaps the NSA revelations will make end to end security a major feature requirement again in chat and voice message systems. So how about it, Google Hangouts/Messanger/Chat and Facebook? Unfortunately that requirement works against cross platform and web based chat systems which we also want for convenience.
 GCHQ intercepted foreign politicians' communications at G20 summits »
Exclusive: phones were monitored and fake internet cafes set up to gather information from allies in London in 2009

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