J-Pop, K-Pop. So where's C-Pop?

One of those must-read articles if you're trying to make sense of 2012
world culture. http://thequietus.com/articles/11001-psy-gangnam-style-k-pop

I remember the future-rush.
It's different from the thrill of encountering a true original.
The sensation is electric but impersonal; It's about new forms not new faces; It's a much purer, harder hit.
It's the same scary-euphoric rush that the best science fiction gives: the vertigo of limitlessness.
I still believe the future is out there. (c Simon Reynolds)
It's all kicking off again. (c Paul Mason)
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Robert Barry takes a deeper look at the k-pop phenomenon and Western responses to it, and argues that this natural extension of South Korea's high-tech culture is this some of the most innovative musi...

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