Unknown #001-004
I was irritated by the name, by how hard it makes it to find any information in the usual places. And this is a great review Angus, with a point elegantly put. Especially the last line. "Well, sadly, some of them just aren't very good."

Except that, I like all the tracks that I've heard so far. It's inoffensive IDM armchair dance music. It's well put together. It may be lacking in pizazz but it's not bad. 2/5 seems a bit harsh. It gets 3.5/5 from me.

There's a strong possibility that Unknown is actually Ryan Vail from N Ireland. Perhaps after the hype of "Unknown" Ryan will emerge under his own name. I've been trying to find his Colours EP to see if that's any good or different.
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Remember "Sicko Cell"? Remember how we all huddled around forums and YouTube comment threads as if they were oil drum fire pits in an urban wasteland, trading rumours, speculating, stoking the flames?...

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