So I swapped the ZX6R B1 for a very low mileage, 11 month old GSXR750K8. The ZX6 was wonderfully manic but sprung way too hard. The GSXR is more like a BMW M3. Except an M3 wouldn't need modifying!

Rode it stock a couple of times and noted all the irritations that weren't right. Like the levers being mounted much too high. Now I've spent the money and spent the garage time and it's mine instead of somebody else's. Here's the list,

- Skidmarx double bubble screen
- LSL Match raised clip ons - swapped from the Kawa.
- Footrests on lowest position
- Adjust the gear lever
- Scottoiler
- R&G Tail Tidy with extra bungee hooks
- Adjust the headlight beam. It was way too high.
As usual, doing a neat installation of the clip ons and Scottoiler was a mission and seemed to take way longer than it should have done.

I did manage to fit in a couple of hours riding this morning. My god, it's good. It's both faster steering and more stable than the Kawa. The suspension let's you feel the road without jarring over every cats eye. It doesn't float the way a recent Blade I rode did, but it doesn't leap about the way the Kawa did. And it's much less unwieldy at very low speeds. Oh, and It's proper quick. How did they do all that?

Planned but for later:-
- Black Stomp Grips
- One tooth smaller front sprocket - Speedo healer so it's then accurate again
- Laser stubby twin exhausts
- R&G case protectors
- Pazzo levers
- Renntec Pillion Grab Rail
- Louder Horn
- Heated Grips

And just maybe Fat Bar kit. For the moment the raised clipons and lowered footrests is probably enough of an old git's kit. The back, shoulders and wrists really weren't a problem this morning.

Oh and the wacky touring detail. Wire in a USB 5V socket for charging all the stuff. Using a 12v to 5v convertor from here.

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