"This net neutrality thing is a load of bollocks," he said, adding that Virgin is already in the process of doing deals to speed up the traffic of certain media providers.

So. We give a local monopoly to cable companies to encourage them to build out Cable TV with considerable tax incentives. Then we turn a blind eye while the inevitable shake out happens until there's a single nationwide monopoly. Then they start to abuse that monopoly. It's not the same situation but the end result feels remarkably similar to BT. In BT's case we forced them to resell wholesale bandwidth to 3rd party ISPs at a fixed rate and forced them to allow 3rd party ISPs access to their Local Loop. Ironically Virgin Media take advantage of both of these requirements. So isn't it time that the monopoly cable provider was forced to do the same thing?

Then we can get on with the next infrastructure requirement. By granting a limited local monopoly and tax incentives to anyone who wants to build out Fibre to the home.

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