Somebody said to: On a side topic, anybody ever heard of landmark education???

Julian Bond says: avoid like the plague. It's a cult.

They said: my g/f just got out of it... she said it was torture

I said: It's the bastard son of Erhard Seminar Training or EST. It uses a basic mindwashing technique. Spend 2 days grinding people into nothing, then 2 hours building them back up again.

It turns people into apparently happy smiley people who look at your left ear while talking to you and trying to persuade you to join because it changed their life.

2 days convincing you how bad your life is and how good it can be by fulfilling these landmark education classes at some dollar figure

I think of all these cults as being the second oldest profession in the book. That of Shaman or Witchdoctor. Arguably it's the first because the first example was the snake. (In the old testament tradition). Convince gullible people they are worthless and the only person who can give them worth is you, and you'll only do it for food, lodging, sex and coloured beads. And there's a plentiful supply of suckers who'll fall for it. Because at 4am everybody feels worthless. Sorry to sound so cynical but I really think these things are evil.

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