Kevin Kelly says: Cool Tool: Roku SoundBridge : Following months of ripping the thousands of CDs in my collection, I now have more gigabytes of music on my laptop than even the largest iPod can hold, so plugging an mp3 player into my stereo wasn't an option.

Oh, yes. When you get over 70Gb of MP3s you're options narrow sharply. If you get over 140Gb, you're completely stuffed. It's no longer possible to carry your entire music collection with you even if you want to.

But there's another problem too. You really need a fairly large screen and a good UI to navigate it all. Which means a PC. Have we just found another use for an eeePC? As a front end to your home NAS where all the files are actually held?

I refuse to use iTunes because it is a system hog on my Windows machine. I rely on WinAmp instead

A man after my own heart.

What no comments on his blog? I shouldn't complain really. There's no comments on this blog either. And probably for the same reason.

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