Sony BMG Exec Talks Nonsense At MidemNet :

"As we all know, the technical price given to individual music tracks and/or albums transferred over the Internet is for all practical purposes, nil."

I take issue with this. The price for free music off the net is your time. Time spent finding, downloading, renaming filenames, fixing tags, organising your library, syncing your iPod. As I think Steve J said, it's only free because you pay yourself minimum wage.

Which means there is actually a market for processes that take the pain out of this. I think this is the real message from iTMS and iTunes (much as I hate them) that the people who purchase from that route are actually buying convenience not music. That $0.99 is not a reflection of the value of the music, but of the value of our time.

This makes me think that there is a sustainable market for downloaded music with a real price and value but that the price per track is more like $0.10 than $0.99 for 128Kbps and perhaps a bit more for 192 and upwards to lossless compression. In other words the old model. Which in turn means that a music retailer should appear that exactly copies the AllOfMp3 website and pricing, is supported by the labels and is packed with every piece of audio ever recorded.

I know, I know, its not going to happen. Unless. Unless a full on features and price war breaks out between iTMS, Amazon and anyone else that sells non-DRM music online.

Oh, Yeah. "Just Say No To DRM" m'kay?

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