I've been playing around with posting Twitter Tweets to my Skype Mood. The alpha is just finished and you can download it from here.

It's a small Windows tray program.
- Once every 5 minutes it checks your Twitter account and grabs the latest tweet. This gets posted to your Skype Mood.
- If you use Winamp it optionally checks what's playing and posts that to the Mood instead. This overrides the Twitter post but when you pause Winamp it reverts to the Twitter post. Winamp is checked every 5 seconds and when the playing state changes or track changes so it's more or less instantaneous.

Installation just consists of copying the .exe somewhere and running it. The first time you run it, it will popup the dialog so you can put in your Twitter ID. Once that's done it will start in the tray so you can add it to your Start menu and forget about it.

I'm open to suggestions for improvements. In particular it needs a better icon if anyone wants to help. I'll be posting the source code in a couple of days. I can't guarantee to maintain it, but I use it myself so it'll probably get some changes and improvements anyway. The next thing is probably to find some libraries for iTunes and WMP.

Oh, and it's Windows only.

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