» The workaround that pipes Facebook status entries into a Twitter feed | Berlind's Testbed | ZDNet.com : In response to last week's post where I said it'd be real nice if updates to my Facebook status cascaded to my Twitter feed and vice versa, ZDNet reader Dan York (blog) pointed me to Julian Bond's workaround which involves using Twitterfeed.com.

Nice to get some recognition. But what's missing here is the link back to Robert Sanzalone. It was his original post about Twitter4Skype that led me to Twitterfeed and the two techniques of feeding RSS of your updates to your main Twitter account and RSS of your friends updates to a dummy Twitter account that you befriend. After that it was just a case of finding the Facebook RSS for just your own updates.

Meanwhile my good friend, Mr Winer, has been busy writing code to route Flickr to Twitter. But I don't get it. Flickr has RSS, so why not just use Twitterfeed? Why does this need yet another application to do the job? Then there's the question of why do it at all. Whenever somebody starts using an automated service to Twitter that generates entries like "I'm Listening to" or "I'm browsing" It just gets really really annoying for their followers. It seems that the way we use Twitter has a sweet spot of a maximum of 5-10 updates per day. Any more than that looks like spam.

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