1.) Copy Skype to the flash drive:
1.1) Copy c:\Program Files\Skype (only the Phone subdir is needed, but it has to be inside the Skype Directory on the flash. e.g. x:\Skype\Phone)

2.) Make a folder called Data on the flash drive inside the Phone subdir (x:\Skype\Phone\Data)

3.) Copy your Skype data:
3.1) You can find your Skype profile data in c:\documents and settings\Application Data\Skype. From here you need to copy that folder which has the same name as your skype user to x:\Skype\Phone\Data you made.
3.2) (optional) I also copied the shared.xml on to my flash drive as well, but this is usually generated by itself.

4.) Now create a batch file in the root.
echo off
start ".\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe /removable /dbpath:.\Data\"

5.) Make sure no Skype is running and run the batch file to make Skype start from flash drive.

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