Well whoop-te-do. AllOfMp3.com has been reborn as mp3sparks.com with all your old accounts moved across. In general, they're still banned from taking your money but it turns out that this is dependent on your country as identified by your IP address. If you used a remote proxy or the TOR onion router, you can find yourself appearing as from a country that is not banned and you can use your normal western Visa credit card via Chronopay.

So now you've got some credit again and it turns out that the Alltunes download manager still works.

So we're back to getting quality encoding using an encoding method of your choice with no DRM and with properly named and tagged files for a very reasonable fee that is about 1/6th of the iTMS price.

It's all good for the consumer, though as before it's less good for the RIAA, record companies and the artists. And it may still be illegal in your jurisdiction.

Now. Amazon or Walmart or eBay. How about you buy the AllOfMp3 technology and offer an identical service. Then negotiate retail prices that substantially undercut iTunes. Let's say $5 per album for lossless FLAC, $3 for 192Kb VBR and $2 for 128Kb VBR.

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