Just had an email from somebody commenting on posts I did in 2004 about "Personal Identity Servers". It's now mid 2007 and since then this has pretty much happened with OpenID. There are OpenID libs you can run on your own server. All we need now is services that actually work as OpenID consumers that can use the identity information. It would still be good to see things like Wordpress having OpenID baked in both as Providers and Consumers.

The generic "About Me" page in common blogging platforms hasn't really happened. I really don't understand why not.

And we still don't have good ways of aggregating all our activity on all the different systems we use. The portal based "Start pages" with all their widgets are becoming more and more sophisticated but to my thinking they're back to front. They do a good job of collecting all the things *I* want to read about the web. They do nothing about collecting all the things *others* want to read about *me*.

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