Free Will: Just the mind's way of estimating what it thinks it did

Consciousness: At some point in our evolution, we started to make decisions consciously and we're not very good at it.

Consciousness costs. Compared to non-conscious processing, self-awareness is slow and expensive. So how does it make us more fit to survive?

Leaders: Interesting to note how often sociopaths show up in the world's top echelons. The ones who succeed have become adept at blending in. But once they get there, they no longer need to try since people aspire to emulate them, making them perfect actors who's surroundings blend into them. (Hollyweird, then he acted like he was president of the United States)

That last one is disturbing. Pack Leaders appear to be fundamentally sociopathic, selfish and self obsessed. Like teenage males they lack empathy so perhaps they are teenage males that never grew up. While their ethics coincide with the packs ethics they make the pack more fit to survive. But when the two ethical drives diverge, the pack should kick them out and if necessary kill them.

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