Skype Journal: Eight Ways to File Transfer Using Skype :

There's something weird about when Skype relays file transfers. My PC is normally in the DMZ of my linksys router so I run the risk of being a supernode[1], but I also get fast transfers. But then I did one a day ago and it was relayed. Really not sure if this was a bug in beta 2.6 or I'd changed something and forgotten about it.

This is one situation where a centralised relay could help. Or where there was something we could do to the firewall to speed up just file tranfers. P2P apps like Bittorrent or Soulseek manage much faster file transfers direct between PCs but you usually have to mess with firewall or router settings to get it.

For a while there I thought supernodes were just handling call setup, switching and NAT busting, but once the connection was established they stepped out of the way. But relayed file transfers suggests they still participate in the conversation.

Given all the FUD about Supernodes it would be good if we could get some definitive information about where they sit and what they do in all situations.

[1]I can tell when my laptop is a supernode and being used for a call because the fan kicks in. ;)

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