Cory has been talking about : Kim Cameron having trouble with missing tracks from Bob Dylan's CD "Modern Times"

There's another way to get Modern Times and burn it to a CD: you can buy it from

But go here and you'll find AllOfMp3 only have the 10 tracks off the Audio CD. Not the 4 tracks off the DVD.

I think we're going to see more and more of this. A CD packaged with a DVD containing videos of additional tracks. Ripping the audio from the DVD's videos is considerably harder than ripping a CD to MP3. And it opens up an avenue for the record companies (and by implication iTMS) to change the rules.

To a certain extent I admire this. It's a way of making the physical object worth more than the digital download. But it can also be seen as yet another example of DRM. In this case, the stronger DRM present on a DVD than the unprotected audio CD. The big downside of course is that the DVD is only playable on a DVD player. Which for many will mean no playing in the car, on a portable CD player or on the average stereo. That seems quite a strange idea. Music that can only be played on a television.

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