Skype Journal: You won't like this, not one bit : UPDATE: That means the EU constitution is "edge-based", and the US one doesn't scale. Oops. Hey, just skip a generation and move straight to anarchism: peer-to-peer contracts, and a state whose only function is to enforce them.

Ah. Now that's a new take on Anarchism. An anarchic economy where the state exists purely to maintain the anarchy. But isn't that anarcho-capitalism? It's what they're supposed to have in the USA. Whereas in reality what they have is some weird mixture more like anarcho-socialism where there's open economic competition within tightly defined and centralist controlled rules. And those rules can be changed if you have enough money and lobbying power. In the USA, you have perfect freedom just as long as you stay between the white lines on the freeway. Which is actually no different from the rest of the developed world. In more corrupt societies and economies, you have perfect freedom if you carry a big enough stick.

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