I've given up trying to rate my music or organise it into playlists. With > 70Gb now, it's just too much like hard work. But the random shuffle functions in Winamp and my Creative Zen just aren't good enough. So, Lazyweb, here's what I want.

A Winamp plugin that makes it easy to just say "Play any track" and launches a random shuffle of the entire collection. I then want three big buttons in the style of Last.FM "Love, Skip, Ban". When I hit these it should automatically feed back into the random shuffle algorithm. Love tracks should get higher priority. Skip tracks get skipped and get moved down the priority. Ban tracks get moved to the bottom of the heap and get played almost (but not quite) never. The system should remember what I've listened to between sessions and try to cover the whole collection over months. It should give priority to tracks I've recently added to the collection.

Ideally I should have exactly the same functions on my personal media player. And when I plug it in it should swap statistics with the desktop system.

As an aside. My Creative Zen Xtra has had an 80Gb hard disk added. At the moment I've got a complete copy of the main collection on the player. I switched to PFS-MTP MS Windows firmware whihc was a mixed blessing. It's made drag and drop possible (although not as a USB Mass storage device). But 'm desperate for a way to better integrate it into Winamp. There is a plug in but it can't yet play music off the player through Winamp.

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