Joi Ito's Web: Invested in : However, is one of those exceptions and I wanted to let you know that I invested together with Reid Hoffman, CEO of LinkedIn and Stefan Glänzer, CEO of 20six Weblog Services AG in the UK in October.

Woot! Congratulations Last.FM! Hopefully some investment will let them buy a better quality of tea and finally remove the tailor's dummies from the big pile in the corner of the office. Oh and remove the last few annoyances from their web site. And rip a bit more of my CD collection so that the tunes I listen to actually become available in my profile radio.

Whatever, it couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of people.

And even though they'll benefit, I really hope Yahoo don't buy them. Which does kind of raise the question. What exit route are Joi, Reid and Stefan thinking about? Because VC always needs an exit route.

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