OSx86 Project - Apple Gives Developers New iMacs; Implements EFI (Updated) : The Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) is an updated BIOS specification developed by Intel. Designed for use with trusted computing, it allows vendors to create drivers which cannot be reverse engineered. It also allows operating systems to run in a sandbox, delegating networking and memory management to the firmware. Hardware access is converted to calls to the EFI drivers. The EFI BIOS is used to select the operating system, replacing boot loaders.

The EFI is important as it may be a component that Apple uses to lock OS X to their hardware.

My highlight. And so it begins. XP allegedly won't run on EFI hardware but Vista will. So here's the start of the push to get us to upgrade all our hardware so that "unbreakable" DRM can be applied to new content, software and operating systems.

So are you going to opt out? Will your next PC run Linux?

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