p2pnet.net - Europe may pass snoop law : "The legislation, written in September, is coming up for a vote in record time," says the New York Times. "Though it generally takes a year to 18 months to bring a law to a vote, the countries that make up the union back the legislation, which comes in the wake of terrorist attacks in London last summer and Madrid last year."

And the European parliament is expected to approve it, says the story, going on that the speed, however, alarms telecommunications companies, which say the public hasn't had enough time to consider the implications.

The version the EU parliament will vote on tomorrow, written by Britain, would require phone companies to keep information like the time of phone calls or fax transmissions, the phone numbers of incoming and outgoing calls and the duration of the calls for at least two years, says the NYT. Details of e-mail activity would have to be stored for a minimum of six months.


"The industry's main worry, however, is cost. It estimates that telecommunications companies would have to store 50 times the data they do now. There is no provision under the draft law to compensate phone companies and Internet providers."

Oh good grief. Everything I've seen has asked how Telcos and ISPs can afford this. But that assumes that they are the only ones that provide Email servers and such like. What about Corporates and SMEs. Even private individuals. Will they too have to store 6 months worth of email logs? My Ecademy logs are currently running at 0.25 Gb a week or 6 Gb for 6 months. Not too bad I guess. I dread to think what the volume is for the emails as well.

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