So there you go. I pour out a screed that is not completely thought through. Strictly a personal view. And suddenly all these people are taking it seriously. Did I hit a nerve almost by accident? Try to read round the factual errors and that I temporarily forgot that Longhorn had a real name now. And try to get down to the core.

- Lots of technically dumb people have XP machines that they can't control, that make them feel inadequate and that are broken in various obscure ways. They just followed the defaults but it led them to this. This is actually the norm not the exception.

- We're now well into the cycle where anything that's wrong currently "will be fixed in Vista".

- Right now Apple is not an alternative for the mass market. It is actually great, but having both hardware and software lock in to a single supplier limits the market. And no matter what the Apple zealots say, software/drivers gets developed for XP first and Mac second.

- Right now Linux is not an alternative on the desktop. It's also great, but it's nowhere near as polished as Apple or XP.

- When Vista finally ships there will be a lot of people who will question whether to upgrade, buy a new machine with Vista installed or to switch. I hope Apple and the Linux community understand that.

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