Doug Miller takes issue with my comment Doing Something Different: A Weblog by Doug Miller : The only reason I stay with XP is because so much software appears on XP first, Apple later and if you're lucky and Linux hardly at all.

I suspect that statement is becoming less true so I'm not going to argue back hard. My one example here is Skype. Skype 1.3 for windows appeared some long time ago. Skype 1.3 for Mac has just appeared. i had a whole bunch of people I wanted to involve in a group chat but couldn't because they were using Macs.

I'm struggling for other well known examples but I know I have a ton of minor utilities on this machine, most of which I probably no longer use. Most of them are freeware or shareware. All of them are windows only. Are there alternatives that are available on the Mac? Maybe. Then there's device drivers for obscure hardware. And finally there's the sort of software that you probably discard immediately that comes on the CD in the box with a new hardware toy like a Digital camera.

My other issue with the Mac is the lack of clone hardware. Apple are much more competitive on price than they used to be. And their hardware is much more open than it used to be. And with Intel motherboards that will increase. But there's still significant lock in with buying into a platform with only a single hardware manufacturer. XP on one side and Linux on the other is completely hardware open.

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