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"Google AdSense Sucks for Bloggers"

Go on, shout it from the rooftops. Sure, if you set up a group of blogs with very narrow focus and then tailor the content to high paying AdSense keywords, you can make some money. But for all of the rest of us who blog about what *we* find interesting, Google is absolutely hopeless at providing interesting ads that people might actually want to click on. What's worst is when you get deluged with ads for blog hosting services. Hello? All my readers (all 5 of them!) already have a blog. Why would they want to sign up for another? And you've pointed out a key problem where the Ads from Google are ideologically unsound from the POV of the blog author. Hence the talk last year about publisher driven advertising. Me, I want Last.FM style radio buttons on each Ad that only I can see. "Love it, Ban it". Sure, Google lets me ban ads, but it's hard work, IE only and a PITA. It should be simple. And there's metadata in them thar radio button pushes.

There's space here for a new Ad placement service targeting blog publishers. Open Listings anyone?

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