[Edited to add] I've already been accused of being insensitive for the first image (mine) as one of the suicide bombers worked in an Indian restaurant. But I think it nicely illustrates a point. Consider that apart from the pint (and that could be an Indian Pale Ale), Chicken Tikka Masala is the national dish, Tea is the National drink and both of them have strong ties with the the Indian sub-continent. Every small town in Britain has an "Indian" restaurant and the vast majority of them are run by Muslim Pakistanis and Bangla Deshis. So Asians are integrated into every corner of British society. So let's understand that the problem here is not racism. The problems are extremism, violence and a small minority of disaffected youth being preyed on by the followers of a death cult. Pretty much like N Ireland then.

And I still maintain that we should be finding ways of integrating that disaffected youth, no matter what skin colour or racial background, into mainstream society. They should be going out and they should be having fun. They should be the ones sticking two fingers up at authority and saying, hell no, I won't subscribe to your medieaval ideology. Hell no, I won't kill people and myself for your religion. And hell no, I won't spend my life in a closed inward looking community that wants to live in the past. I'm British, damn it and we don't do that sort of thing round here.

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