Marc's Voice: The elite insider's blogging scene : For those of us who have been paying attention - Joi Ito hasn't attended one of the 'mainstream' power elite A-list blogger thingies in over a year and a half. Neither SuperNova, Etech, Web 2.0, Always On Innovation, BloggerCon, BBS, DIDW, PC Forum, SXSW, blah blah blah - none of them have nee graced with Joi's presence.

This reminded me of something I'd thought at Etech. Almost everyone there was broke! Very roughly you could fit the ETech audience into 4 or 5 stereotypes.
- Employees (often BBC). Salarymen, and like almost all salarymen, underpaid.
- Industry Commentators. Scratching a living from speaking tours and articles.
- Startups. The days of VC funded apartments in NY are over. Especially at Etech, the entrepreneurs were in bootstrap, moonlighting mode.
- Unemployable geeks. You know who you are. Too bright (and sometimes too old) to play well with others.
- Post-Exit serial entrepreneurs. The few people who'd struck gold. These were the only moderately (or sometimes fabulously) rich. And most of those were on the podium. You can include in here the very few who had made a fortune from options along the way.

We've thought at times that Business Networking is psychotherapy for the recently (or soon to be) redundant. Which perhaps explains the large number of life coaches and freelance consultants that haunt business network sites. Perhaps the Blogger - A-list - Tech conferences are psychotherapy for unemployable geeks.

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