Bloggerheads (UK) - A way forward gave me pause for thought.

There's something I don't really get about the current Election campaign from Labour. And I don't understand why the opposition parties aren't making more of it. It goes like this.

Why should we vote for, and how can we vote for, someone who has already announced they are going to resign?

Let's say Labour get into power. Some time during the course of the next parliament, Tony Blair is going to resign. If past history is anything to go by the leadership challenge and change will be bloody and messy. And there's no guarantee that it will be in 5 years or 3 years or even one month.

So Labour is asking us to vote for something that we have no hope of predicting and with an uncertain outcome. This makes no sense to me. So wouldn't it be better if Tony resigns now, the election is called off until Labour can agree on a new leader and we start again? Which is all about as likely as Veritas forming the next government.

Blair Out - Labour In.

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